So much more than Aulelei


Known to the ville as Giggles or Aulelei, this girl is so full of life and personality – especially with the other kalepes in our Village Fono – that I’m a little surprised she’d prefer not to have her photo run with this Native Spot. It’s too late anyway. Giggles had her photo up once a while ago, and this beautiful baby right here definitely takes after her Aunt in the aulelei factor! I’m seriously impressed though to learn that this lady is so much more than a pretty face. She’s a teacher at a university, she’s a devoted Aunt to a million nieces and nephews, she’s obviously the kinda daughter that’s filemu and usita’i (I think) and most of all, she’s a hopeless romantic (you know it’s true!). I count it as a true privilege to have made the acquaintance of One Samoana’s own Giggles. 🙂

Name / Location

Lol my full names a never ending story but oh well my name is Otilah Seila Sililoa Sugaluopea Jenaira Punipuao Siligataliiseu Kaiser.. I live in Dannemora/Botany in East Auckland Niu Silani hehehe

How did you find One Samoana?

Too funny! lol one of my nieces at the time was 14 was on webcam, had the audio and everything on and she was chatt’n to someone .. I asked her what she was on and she replied “1 SA” .. I heard the guy say to my niece “I’LL SEND YOU 500 AMERIGAN DOLLARS IF YOU TAKE YOUR TOP OFF” 😆 Yeah.. so you know .. A lil one-two on the face and made her delete her page and then I signed up .. just to make sure she wasnt in upchat making a fool of herself and taaadaaaa!!1 i FELL IN LOVE WITH 1SAMOANA IN 2009 😀

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

lmao please dont get me started.. actually I dont know where to start! lol the funniest would be Hdoll and Vee’s replies in the forumz .. craziest- in upchat I forgot who I docked but .. He went for a shower and still had his cam on and his cousins were checking out the laptop .. and then OMG!!! The cousins took the laptop in the shower and were flashing his muri on cam bwahahah


What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

I’m the 8th child of 14- and I have in-laws who are Tongan, Fijian, Cook Island, Palagi, and I have an awesome Egyptian Sister in Law.. and I love it when they are always complimenting our culture and saying how proud and blessed they are to be with a Samoan man.That’s made me really proud to be Samoan.

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

I used to work at the Auckland University of Technology in North Shore and Manukau ( Faculty of Education) and I used to lecture the National Diploma in Early Childhood Education for Pasifika and Mainstream. I am an aunt of 38 tamariki’s lmao and my nieces and nephews are the reason why I am sooo passionate about children and youth. This year I will be moving to Wellington where I will be working as a Pasifika career’s advisor. I hope I enjoy this new role I’ve been a lecturer for the last three years and I was getting too comfortable which is why I applied for the new role and thank God I got it.

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Hmm.. PROJECT??? You really wanna know??? Well I have to get married before I turn 30 this year! lol jokes.. No project at the mo 🙂 …. Just trying to make the most of life serving God, my parents, my family and everyone who surrounds me.

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

I just looovvveee being on 1samoana! and Im thankful for this site so big ups to you HGG! Seki a oe.. Fat shout outs to all my fans *aka’s*, My ‘AU EVA’S’: Hanalei, Kuanti, Hdoll, Vee, Samoan Samurai, M@jik, Angelic, Leni, TSB, Jaynie Tuioti (lmao yea, had to say your full name) aka BEAUTIFUL, Weezy, Eve, Kelston, John Doe, Jane, DYZE and my niece Your Keige hehe..

HGG Notes about AULELEI aka GIGGLES:

* Don’t hold your breath.. you’re not going to find any photos of Mz Aulelei in her faleo’o. This little girl (right) is obviously not as shy. Whatta gorgeous poser!
* Although I’d seen her in the forums for a while, I first encountered Giggles when she was ‘singing’ in the Ning/side chat of the ville. The lyrics she was typing up were for some of my favourite old school Samoan songs… I’m sure she was camped out in my faleo’o on my playlist. She never admitted it, but it was sooo cool to meet somebody who shared the same taste as me in mushy, lovey dovey classic Samoan ballads 😀
* What I love most about her posts in the forums and in her blog is that she talks about stuff I know so well… the Otara shopping centre, the ulavale younger relatives, the education establishments around town… Giggles and I are so neighbours!
* I do so love to run my nosy in people’s playlists … OMG I haven’t heard this Big Mountain song in agges! Shot Giggles.
* Offline life seems to be keeping this busy lady not in the ville as much lately. I miss her!! Suga stop by sometime soon with an update… Have you moved to Wellie yet? How’s the progress on your marriage-before-30 project? Do you have something to confiess in this discussion? Go on, you can tell us! 🙂

0 thoughts on “So much more than Aulelei

  1. Awww malo Tilz…sekia le INTRODUCTION ale naite…Wow got to read more of you, so interesting. Thanks for the shoutout sis…o oe lava ole MASTER @ kalepe mea lol. Gotta love this sis..Mad lo4s uso..!! Vee x

  2. & fans’.. hehee..
    can I just say, as if; – I hadn’t already commented in em’…
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG, the series was moving and compiling.. lol.

  3. Amazing she looks just like a baby and she’s already working..LOL.for an educated lady.. there is truly so much more than Aulelei..LOL.

  4. OMG!!! Havent been on here in a month! and well.. thanks guys for reading! Yes.. I have finally settled in to Welly! Just being a sook everytime my dad calls haha! See yous all around the ville.. I gotta go ka’a around some faleo’os! lol xx

  5. buwahahahahhaaa ! why you always gotta put my business out there like that ??! lmbooooo ! abso loving it sis ! miss you heaps (:

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