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Screaming Tree Kilifi

Anyone who joined One Samoana earlier than 2010 will already know this, but Kilifi‘s fingerprints are all over the village. He was one of our first Admins, our Ala Mai Project is built on his incredibly bold and uninhibited writing, he started most of our groups, and for over a year, the overall look of the village was his design. (I was so excited when I found a faleo’o the other day that still carries the beautiful ‘Kilifi’ look). Yes, I could easily spend all day going on about Fi, that’s how much I love (and owe!) this guy, but lemme step outa his spotlight already and let you meet Samoa’s own Screaming Tree.

How did you find One Samoana?

I’m sure it would have been one of those mass emails, the type that you have to click ‘add your hotmail contacts’, and would be pushing it to remember who it was from

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

I’m not quite sure on this one, but I would say that some of the ‘OTHER’ natives have answered discussions with such pure honesty (well…you know) that I’ve sat in front of my p.c and just cracked up and pretended that I couldn’t identify with it (but really)


What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

Usually when I’m NOT with Samoans and I see how other cultures have their own style of doing things.. I generally feel proud of the fact that our people (in a lot of respects) have the basic respect for parents and older people.. and of course, there was the 7’s win! The welcome home parade when the boys arrived was truly something else and to see SO many people, watching our team make headlines etc… Oso akoa le proud!l

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

I have a passion for writing and I find that slowly I’m being pulled away into ‘life’ that its becoming difficult to breathe sometimes… but definitely writing, travelling, singing and enjoy it, when I find time to stay sober! Oh the life!!!

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Right now, the McDonalds Variety Show for Teuila 2010 has been a big part of the last couple of weeks, its been a joy to screen and watch the different talents of our Samoan youth and performing artists. It’s a beautiful thing that our people don’t even look at it as a ‘talent’ but more of an everyday thing… everybody in Samoa is a performer and has performed!! Now how cool is that?!

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

First and foremost a shout out to Chi (HGG) and the kick butt ‘One Love Crew’ here at 1Samoana, a shout out to you (whoever is reading this) thank you for taking your time to read the ‘spot’ – there are so many awesome people here at 1Sa, I wish I had more time to just kick it one-on-one with everyone and have a talk, learn & share.. and…Umm.. well, you’ll find me in Samoa – so if anyone is planning a return home for a visit – make sure you include extra chocolate/KFC & I’ll be your instant friend… LOL, yeahhhhhhh I’m cheap like that!!! 

Ma lou faaaloalo tele!!! Kilifi xx

HGG Notes about Fi:

* I LOVE the eye candy in Fi’s albums… photos manipulated into works of art, like this one (right).
* Explore his faleo’o for more arty and literary lollies.
* As our first blogger, it was Fi who MADE the Ala Mai Project. His posts got even more interesting when he moved his life from Melbourne to Samoa. Follow his island adventures in Screaming Tree: Messages in a Vailima Bottle.
* He works for the Samoa Tourism Authority, in case you wonder how he knows so much about all the cool stuff happening over there.
* Many of my all time favourite posts are from Fi. Check out:

…so many more!
* Oh and he holds one other rather interesting record *ahem*… Fi happens to be the only One Samoana Native (that I didn’t already know before) that I have ever met in person. Yay me! 😀

0 thoughts on “Still Screaming

  1. Eh, FIFI!!!! LMAOO You forgot to mention MANDAS phone episode LMAOOO….Yep!! Remember the Truth & Dare games we use to play with Manda, Angel, Fatu, Pupa & Fifi You…..aka Original Chatters LMAO Ahhhh….those were the days!!! COME BACK FIFI!!! xox Munkee!!!

  2. Ahhhh i miss you FIFI in the village…. Im coming back next summer for a month… I will come visit you but you can remind me about your oso lol… and thanks for sharing…. love you more FIFI…. 🙂


    *sighz* i miss kilifi mayun! Hella loved this guys honesty in the forums & most def love reading his blogz becoz its sooo beautifully written & i appreciate this guy for sharing his experiences with us..

    2008 natives repz FI! Much Luv xo

  4. Yiiha; – man – I love this guy to death, OJG! I didn’t realise you’re back home. 🙁 hehehee,….
    but; – abso ‘o’ 4 awesum persona, if it wasn’t for Kilifi, I most probably, would not have felt comfortable to hang ‘n’ spamsium around the a’ai. feel blessed to insight things, as a over-seas prospector, through your eyes, I get to see, the Miss Samoa peagent, lol….the discussion, oh` my gosh.
    commenting on my blogs, it was like; – OOPS, ia le`ga, younger than; me, yet in recogn, certainly most fa’aaloalo, I say. xox

  5. YIPES! The SCREAMING TREE! When I first came across Alamai Lounge, your blogs/stories caught my matas and I truly enjoyed reading ‘em. Keep on writing 😀

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