THE LIST…. that created a MIRACLE…

The weekend was quite a troubling one for me… (Saturday 18th of October 08)

1st of all I worked the whole weekend, which isn’t so bad as Im getting used to it now. Haven’t had a day off in a Month now… but my body is sooo used to it, that my mind could be sleeping, but my body is still awake… make sense?… lol not to me.. maybe my mind is sleeping right now… hehe

After work on Saturday, I was greeted with a list from my dad. Not just any normal grocery list, but this is like the LIST OF ALL LISTS, the MOTHER list… the list for SAMOA…

Ok.. I’m one of those never give up sort of people, due to my past I have this way of thinking, that there is always a way out, there is always an answer, I can do anything I put my mind too. Which is why my Dad gave me this list… bcos I am SUPERWOMAN…

The LIST consisted of the following…

Pusa Pisupo x 12

Pusa McCoy Tuna x 6

Pusa Taiyo Elegix 6

Massive Bags of Rice, Sugar, Salt, Flour x 6 each

Apples, Pear’s, Oranges, Plums, Grapes, Peaches x 1 crate each (Recep)

Chips/Peanuts/Snacks (Recep)


Save $10,000NZ for spending money, Fa’asamoa stuff etc

Buy a White Van (so Dad,Mum & kids dont have to rely on public transport)

Send the Van & my Car to Samoa beginning of December

Yeah… that most of the List I received on Saturday… which altogether would add up to ,000 (not incl my wedding stuff)

To tell you the truth, my heart felt weak when I received it. Because I will be doing all this on my own, I mean, I wouldn’t care if I had a year to do all this… but to do it in 2 months, plus finish paying for my own wedding. I was screaming Inside, as my dad was telling me the importance of everything in the List…and how If I dont fulfil the LIST, I will be letting them down, and the Shame that will come to us will be unbearable & blah blah blah…

But,,, I saw this coming… I just thought that this time around would be different. I am the child that my parents depend on for everything. I am the child that makes all the decisions, and always finds an answer to everything. I am the child that never says no, and never give’s up…

but right at this moment… I had given up. Inside of me couldn’t take it anymore. We were due to a Baton’s up that day, so after I read the LIST, my sis & I hopped in the car and I cried all the way to the Baton’s Up. I had mixed feelings at the time. I felt suicidal. Mentally & Physically I had enough. I’m working 70+ hours a week, to pay for my wedding, I just finished paying off my whole families airfare’s which was just under 00 and now this?

I was sitting in the Baton’s up… thinking that If I won anything, that would be a great start to finding the money for this. 

We didn’t win anything… lol I think Saturday was the worst day of my life so far. I started thinking, “is there any place out there that I can sell my organs or body parts for Cash”. Thats how bad I got.

After we returned home… I sunk into depression. I couldnt take it anymore. Have you ever had a time in your life where you work continuously for something, and you use all the energy you have day in day out, and you are JUST trying to scrape all the little bits of energy you have to make it to the next day… all because you have too? or everything around you will crumble. Well, I’ve had that feeling for the last few months….

I decided to go to bed… It was 5pm on Saturday, and I decided to go to bed? LOL yep, thats how bad it was. We had tickets for Saturday Night Lotto Prize Pool (Tow Tickets), and the 1st prize was ,000 so I told my mum to check the Lotto Prize Pool Total that night as the last 4 digits was the number we needed for the tickets. I then went to bed…

Before I lay, I did something I have never done in a while… I said a PRAYER… a really short one lol ”God, please help me, I don’t know what to do, I have this List dad just gave me (as you know already) but I know I cant do it on my own… If I just win these tickets, it’ll take care of this list, but its up to you… Sorry for asking… but thanks. Please help me God, I beg you… AMEN”

I conked out @ 5pm and awoke the next morning in time for work. I asked mum what the Lotto Total Prize Pool number was… she said “1700″ n I was like “Awww ok, hard luck aye mum… maybe next time huh?”.. My closest ticket to that number was 1417…

I then went to work. An hour later my dad calls me saying “Mum was wrong… that wasn’t the number.. she was counting the cents (00) so I asked him “ahhh, so what is the number then dad?” and he says “1417″ I was like “nahhhh not even….dont lie dad… can’t be” dad says “call the man & check if Im right, then the number should be 1417, cos mum counted the 00 at the end, but thats not part of the number”

My sis called the man, and he said “yeah the number is 1417″ I said “Holy shyt… we got it, we got ,000″… my sis was jumping up & down lol I was still in shock. My mum went to work, and the whole day she was in disbelief (she didnt want to get her hopes up, as this never happens to our family) I worked the full day anyway to make the most of it. Still in shock…..

After work, the man called us to come over & pick up our prize money. I was still calm at this point, its like I wasn’t sure If I was dreaming, as I went to sleep the day before thinking about this, and its actually happening lol But No, it wasn’t a dream, as we sat there on his kitchen table, counting out ,000 In notes, I was thinking about the day before… about my prayer, and also the day before that… how I did something else for the 1st time in my life…. I sacrificed my poker/drinking plans, so I could teach my 2 nieces a Christian Song to sing @ their church on Sunday. That was a first for me…

This last weekend, I confirmed what I already knew… that God does exist, and he’s there, and he listens to prayers, and he’s listening to me. I told my whole family the events leading up to that morning… how I gave up on life, how I didn’t care about anything anymore. How I actually prayed for help….

And how God answered my prayers…

Monday morning, dad & I purchased a Van for 00, and there is ,000 sitting in my mum’s account. I didn’t ask for Millions, I didnt ask for hundreds of thousands… I asked for help…

And God gave me a Hand…

4 thoughts on “THE LIST…. that created a MIRACLE…

  1. OMFFFFFFFFFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    and why the hell does the money thing wanna be all blanked out for? LMFAO..

    Oh my life..

    HONESTLY – after reading this, I don’t know who else would deserve it more than you my beautiful sister!!..

    God is REAL. God is GOOD.. so now, u got’s to fulfil your promise (oops watta bring the vibe down) lmfao..

    im just being real, coz this sounds like a movie!..

    there was a time when Oprah had a show about her role in “the Color Purple” she had put all her energy into going for the role, taking proper acting classes, ringing all her friends, (mind you she wasn’t really that famous back then) doing everything and anything for the role in the movie..

    after she was so exhausted with all her energy going into that one idea, she did what you did…

    she left it up to God.

    she just gave away all that energy and said “you know what, If I’m not meant to have this, I won’t have it, I’m sorry for putting my energy into this, I have faith..”

    and then wanti laia, ga maua ai laga parts i le movie! 🙂


    OMG. wat an awesome post sis!! this is so inspiring..

    *walks around trying to find someone to marry…*


    Awww bro, damn mayn u just b CRACKIN ME UP!!!!
    Um… ahhh, I didnt mention on the weekend, cos I still wasn’t believin’ it was true… LOL

    I luv that Movie “Color Purple!!!” that movie gives me strength!!
    Thanks for that bro! I learn somethin’ new everyday on here wow!

    And about blanking out the Digits… I actually put the digits in.. I dunno… maybe its blacked out for safety reasons… LMAO…

  3. WOW…you deserved it girl…I think most of us (girls especially) can relate to the burden we usually feel are thrust (sometimes unknowingly) on us by our parents…and the seemingly endless list of samoan functions that part us with our well earned cash…but great to see that that particular crisis was averted thanks to the Grace of our Heavenly Father…Hi power is AWESOME isn’t it? A beautiful story sis….much love and God bless.

    P.s. I’m imagining that you had a beautiful wedding right? 🙂

  4. Awww thanks girl! and I totally agree with you on the “burden”
    Im the oldest girl, so the Title of “SUPERWOMAN, BIONIC WOMAN, WONDER WOMAN” has been bestowed on me… sometimes I wanna be Catwoman… and just creep my way out of the house to somewhere far far away… LOL

    I hope I have a beautiful wedding!!! hehehe
    Wedding is in early Jan. So I still have time!!!
    bless you Megz!

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