The Mountain Warrior falls to the TUAMINATOR – David Tua

7 Seconds into round two of the highly anticipated New Zealand’s “FIGHT OF THE CENTURY”, David ‘the Tuaminator’ TUA, delivers the final powerful left hook – followed by an equally powerful right, that sealed the fate of Shane The Mountain Warrior Cameron.

After weeks of trash talking from both camps, David Tua comes away the victor in the much-needed-win match against Shane that now fully ushers in his comeback, his return to World Boxing.

Tua entered the arena in Hamilton New Zealand, with the hearts of the Samoan people with him. He dedicates this match and ultimately this win – to the victims of the tsunami which struck on Tuesday 29 September, that resulted also in the death of his aunts, Mrs. Carr and Mrs. Tui Annandale.

Discuss the Tua / Cameron fight in the village.

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