The talented Mz 8

Mz Eight Daes

I love how creative people can get with their profie photos – they use them to make a political statement, to practice art photography (and photoShop!) and to make a powerful first impression. Mz Eight Daes has posted up several gorgeous images for her display pic, but I remember one time when she uploaded a few ‘what you see is what you get’ photos of herself that were so.. honest and truthful. She was all like ‘this is the real me, take it or leave it’ and I thought.. wow. How straight up is that. Whatta badass. That became my image of the lady also known as Rolar. I didn’t know much about her back then, but I love her style!

Name / Location

Melania Kauone, from Wellington NZ currently living in Melbourne Australia.

How did you find One Samoana?

I didnt – it found really, there was a group of us(whom shall remain anonymous) from Facebook, we would all congregrate on Zynga poker and chat – ok yeah, that and msn eachother what cards we had so we wouldnt take eachothers chips(what? was the trend up and take other peoples chips..hehe)..anyway, they would say “come on 1sa” and i would be all fia makua “nah that siht’s for moepi’s”..after about 3 months of hearing about 1sa this, 1sa that, you can do this, you can do that..i was fing to moiself “self?..jus have a look already”..and here i years and countin..*sigh* lol

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

OKA@this question..let me tell you..from the time ive been here..there hasnt been anything that you would class as NORMAL on this site..everyone, yes EVERYONE including you the one readin CRAZY INSANE!..WILD!..except for >ME<..i seem to be the only sane one on here..*tehe*..nah freal though..the craziest thing was goin on cam in UPCHAT - drunk- and not remembering what i said or happened the following day(ALTHOUGH I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THATS DONE THAT)..smh..but in saying THAT, the wildest thing would be meeting people from meet some great and not-so-great people..jk..everyone ive met here are who they are online aswell as proud to say ive added alot of you to my list of "family and friends..

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

I know I’m only part samoan(im abit of a fruit salad) fathers samoan side is from Lua Tuanuu..Its hard to pinpoint one factor of what makes anyone proud to be side – you identify the ways of your samoan heritage – your born outside of samoa but are raised within the samoan culture and tongue.

Another side – your born outside of samoa and hadnt been given the opportunity nor the willingness to be taught..however you identify that you have samoan blood and make it your own pursuit to learn your lineage..So, Regardless of who you are and what makes up your choose to know your identity because it closes the gap from not knowing to..completion..This makes me proud to say i am samoan (even if it is only a tablespoon


Tell us about your passion / hobby / work

My passion is too..*ahem*..was it that kine you were asking?..*clears throat*..
likes – Dvds, chocolate, biscuits, drinks..i like to jus veg out on the couch after a long week and jus watch movies..i like watchin the colours in the sky change..I HEART fishing!!!!!!..i can sit there and jus wait for the big fish alllll day!..i got it from my father(which reminds me..i have to ask, DEMAND him to take me fishin on the boat when i go home to visit!

For work i am a consultant slash p.a slash whatever you want your wish is my command person thingy..I currently work for four companies specialising in things from administration to driving all over the country side(VIC, ACT, W.A, NSW, QLD) delivering samples to potential clients..I do what they want then i charge their ass for my services..tehe..

I am also currently studying towards my Community Services Dip, Project Management Dip, Business Management Dip, Adv. Business Management Dip, Adv Project Management Dip..yeah..i know..who wouldve thought a lil naenae girl like me could do all slowly gettin there..(now everyones goin to know im not so GUNSTAH… thanks

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Now you see my *AT WORK SIDE*
Commercial groups mentioned came together through working a shared vision to assist young people. In partnership..they developed the Commercial Social Venture Doc**ent..which turned the concept into a reality in the form of The Walkabout Dreaming Holistic Healing Camps Program.

The Focus of Walkabout Dreaming was based on a holistic approach offering young program participants with the opportunities of and also meeting the needs of their communities through social and economic self-sustainable Commercial Ventures and Cottage Industries.

I.Cook Catering, TedNoffs foundation, WDE(Waste Diversion Enterprises), FM Group Facility and ANIBT(Australian National Institute of Business and Technology)..These groups you can find online..This was a dream put on paper by 2 men..sitting at a kitchen table talking about ways to help with indigenous youth..which is now coming into fruition by taking that dream further and if successful here we will be able to take back home to New Zealand for the youth there..who knows may go even further than that..

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

Praise and honour to our heavenly Father who continues to challenge my rationale of understandin to his..sometimes i tell him to shave it..coz we koo lydat..Id like to thank my mum for touching my dad(*LiPz) it not been for my poker friends constant talkin about 1sa..I wouldnt be sittin at work avoiding my studies replyin to THE HGG of wouldnt have met all the different personalities offline..made online friends from every gornah..whom i hope to one day meet for a coffee and a bong(jk..say no to drugs)..and GOD BLESSED THE BRAIN CELLS OF HGG for inventing this site..that is also continuing to flourish with more and more you (reading this right now)..thank you for taking the time – that you wont get back – to read this..and in the words of Rolar aka eiight daez..



HGG Notes about Mz 8:

* This one time when I was stalking her faleo’o, I came across a recording Mz 8 made of herself and a friend singin. They may have been blazin at the time, but it was gorgeous! Suga what did you ever do with that clip?
* I could always tell she had it in her, so it was really good to see her droppin lines in that one cypher thread. Skillz!
* I loooove all the many shades of colour this lady wears – sometimes she’s straight gangz (girl you know it’s true! lol) and then you feel the emotion in her lyricism, and hear the hhhmmmmm on her rather sexy playlist.. And now, just reading through this article again… wow! This lady is not just a healthy fruit salad. She is an incredible prism of personality!
* Would so not mind hearing her sing again… *ahem*.

0 thoughts on “The talented Mz 8

  1. … i knew you were my hero EIIGHT`daez … this artilce just proved it.. ha! Thank you for shariing yourself with us not`so`worthy bebos .. actually, i am worthy, but we won’t go into that .. hahaha! Gooood Choooiiicceee in FEATURED NATIVE … *pumps fist in air* … you rock sis!

  2. Sexy & beautiful she is with the smarts to boot. I always enjoy talking to this keige, she knows how to keep a conversation going and going and going like the energizer bunny. I guess she was too modest to mention that she’s also a bunny living in that big mansion…hehe. She’s easy to talk to and is makua funny dot org. Props on the Walkabout Dreaming youth project! Git ‘r done.

    You know the time that was spent to read this piece on you missy did not go to waste. I agree@nothing on 1SA is normal….hahaha….1SA is not for the normal…haha! Awesome read on the infamous MS.ROLARIFIC! YOU ROCK SOXX & BOOTS! Yes yeeewww deeewww! *hugs & smooches`

    PS. All the best with your studies. You can totally do it…yes yeeewww gan! 😀

  3. Oh’ whow – that’s cute, I didn’t know you were in Melbourne, hahaa, so that felt good to read that.. hahaa, haha… I too reside in Melbourne, ‘man’ – really Gald, yeah – PROUD you’re on here 8 daz’e.. nice read – CHEERS 🙂 =exe=

  4. Yay! Finally the spotlight shines on you! Lap it up because you are certainly a star on this site! People flock to your faleo’o to see who this hotty is behind the smile! And with this, you certainly have made a believer out of me!

    Nice ta nice ta know ya lets do it again……lol

    God Bless you with your future endeavors Daez!

  5. Wow WALL OF FAME even…awwww love it sistra:) Enjoyed reading your prof was worth it awww…stay blessed sis..lo4s Vee x

  6. wowzis..i have no idea what to say about this..HGG its kindah embarrassin havin your face plastered on the flatterin at the same do those that have been on feel???..thank you..thanks guys..*blushin to the maximus..*..when i make that track hgg ill be sure to post it up just for you..u rokk my soxx..its really an honour to be mentioned..FREAL..u guys are so awesome!..wish we were all rydurr, ur my hero..balee dat..kolokea?..did u change ur name?????..sheesh..rackin my brain to decipher ur, ily..nuff u were one of the anon poker where is u..xxo

  7. Sis you deserve to be on cover of a magazine lol. Truth is you deserved to have your spotlight on you for a change. Good to read more about who you are as a person. Keep it up on the blogs 🙂

  8. beautiful and sexy indeed eiightdaez.. love reading this and learning more about you, its like an insight into knowing more about you and your passions in life, its great :). all the best with your studies too sis.. you’re more than a conqueror darls, You’ve got this!

    blessings, x

  9. if it aint the BEAUTIFUUUUUL mzeiight! quite behind with these things, lmaoooo anyhoos it was worth the read, now i know why you give me craaaaaap about UBBER ***** yeah u know that place lmaoooo where we got the mean asss Mall ahahahahaha ke ula? 😛
    Even though, i’ve only just started tawkn to ya over the last couple of weeks i surely havent regretted one convo with ya *chestpumpz* LOL alofa aku ia Ice-Cube ma le fagau.tehehe
    Keep doing what you’re doing sis, cause Gods Blessings will surely be poured upon ya 10fold! Dont ever change ox

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