The Unexpected Blessing…


Its funny how things turn out, how things fall into place, how the unexpected happens. Thats what happened to my MR & I….

For the first year of MR & I’s marriage whilst we were in Samoa, we had a few setbacks trying for a child. I cannot tell you how disappointing it was waiting each month just to find out we were unlucky… It was HARD! especially getting the looks from people thinking there was something wrong with me. Yeah, like pick on me cos Im from Overseas lol

The first few months of marriage we were still in shock over the whole Marriage thing knowing that the next step would be to add to our family. Sooo after 5months of trying the excitement wore off, and it turned into panic. People in the village were asking questions, family & friends were giving us the pity look. After 9 months of trying we were ready to give up! Dont get me wrong, the trying part was fun, but the waiting anxiously for a positive sign wasn’t.

Thru those months we buried ourselves in work, partying & family obligations, I travelled more, and the subject didn’t come up again. Then after a year in Samoa, we moved to NZ to be with my family. We had given up on adding to our family. Prayer after prayer was sent to the man above to bless us, we started to think we had been neglected for some reason. We started to look at eachother and ourselves and started to pin point reasons why it wasn’t happening. Again, we buried ourselves in work, our social lives were pumpin’! lol so much freedom! we went out nearly every week, I worked at a couple of clubs! It was great! Then the unexpected happened.

After a couple months in NZ, MR & I went to the docs for a check up, I was feeling sick, dizzy & feverish. The nurse asked me for a sample to do the pregnancy test. I laughed and told him “ahh, its a waste of time, I can’t get pregnant!” and he said “sorry its procedure”. So I did one anyway. Five minutes later the nurse says “congratulations, you are pregnant, you’re going to be a mum” and Im like “huh? WTF…. ” and the nurse repeated himself….

I stood there dazed, confused. I looked out to the MR in the waiting room, and he was staring at me with the “are you nearly finished?” look. I called him to come over. I told him “hun, sit down… Im pregnant” he then looked at me like “WTF?” then he continued to stare into space, and looked like he was going to faint!…

That was the happiest day of our lives and that was 8months ago. Im happy to say we have the new long awaited addition to our lives who is 1 week old today. Our beautiful baby boy “JERICHO”. Our lives now evolve around him.

There isn’t a minute in the day that we dont thank the man above for remembering us, and for listening to our prayers. There isn’t a minute in the day where we dont look at eachother and smile at this lil man who is part MR part ME. (his cuteness comes from me…. his nappy fillings come from MR LMAO)

The reason for this post is to give hope to those who are waiting for their prayers to be answered….. dont give up… it’ll happen. Just like it did for us.

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  1. Wow sis congratulations …..oka im trying to wipe out my tears….reading ur story…..God is good aye….neva give up hope….god is always ans ur prayers…makua ou talitonu le alofa le Atua….thanks gurl ….hope all is well with you and the family…it’s been a long time…a ea….lol

    Much love to you and the family sis

  2. whow, that’s soo ‘o’ 4 awesum cherryk, I love endings like that, BUT, WHY call your PRIDE and JOY, subject of GOD Mr/or no name for others, hehee, hehee.. I’m just saying, I’ve fellowed your blogs some what up on OneSamoana from past 3yrs, not much & I’ve really enjoyed em’, hehee..

    & I ‘swear’, I ain’t feeling it, when; – people be over-rating us, with their filled MEANS, undescribed subscribed. hahaa.. hehee, hehee..

    but, beside the point, Oh’ GOSH, congratz on the bundle of JOY, – GOD? really did shine his ‘o’ 4 awesum love upon you+.

    Faith, prayers and hope, such powerful influence in this airy life, I reckon, abso LOVED the READ! with a passion.. stay blessed still …

    Noms & The Boys.. xD xox`

  3. ps; – MADD LOVE too you ‘sis –
    The picture of your babies feet, is a classic take,
    you most certainly know what you’re doing..
    God Bless all titlings.. xox

    hope no1 took offence to my wordings,
    fa’amagalo (mai) sa’u sese.. :D…

  4. Miss Cherry K… I was wondering where you were? Anyways big FAAMALO to you and Mr for the new bundle of joy…. God is good all the time…. alofa atu… 🙂

  5. Awwww Congrats suga!!!! All the best and more additional blessing to your now growing family!!!

    what a blessing! 🙂

  6. hey i jst wanted tew say congratulation big time…! i hope i am as lucky as u coz mwe n mah partner s trying to hav a child of our own… we’ve been praying n asking god tew bless us wif a child for three years n he has wf twins of our own so yeah i feel for u wat u went thrue n i thank god for blessing us…! mch lov…mizzy…!

  7. Congratulation! well i just sat here & read your story! & i believe that God was testing you & Mr. to see how strong do you 2 have ‘faith & “hope” in him…well i just wanted to say that God will never forsake or will he ever leave us….God always know when is the right timing for everything so it’s up to us to be patient on his blessing….God is love! i know we all go through things in life but i know for sure God is always listening to us rather where up or down or when we are left or right so just remember God is always there to talk to…but for you to receive such a wonderful blessing as was to be given a baby is a blessing no other should try to hide…so give it all, give it all to Jesus, cause he will turn your sorrows into “JOY”! ♥‿♥”faith”♥‿♥

  8. love your story, its really encouraging…….. congratulation to u & MR, having baby bundle of joy added to the family…..

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