This Samoan Boy

Brett Salamina Tali Tuiletufuga

Holding down Independence, Missouri is That Samoan Boy (you know the one), also known as Brett Salamina Tali Tuiletufuga. I’ve seen him around the ville since the early days, but only recently discovered his talent for flow and passion for music. This hard-working rapper is part of an independent island hip-hop movement that just might blow up world wide in a min. All I know is we’re lucky we got him to do our Native Spot interview before TSB got too famous to talk to us. 🙂

How did you find One Samoana?

I don’t really remember. I think Lette may have been the one to introduce me to the site.

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

Funniest: Anytime Leni gets on da mic and freestyles, This guy can rap forever and he’s actually really good at it!

Craziest: I guess I can say, if you spend enough time in upchat, you’ll see some prettyyy weird things! I’ve seen somebody secretly leave their cam on (in the dark) while they brought a friend over, to do the forbidden dance! And I’ve also heard countless stories!

Did: I’ve done a few things, but nothing out of the ordinary. I can do a mean Masina impersonation…or so I’ve been told! Hahaha


What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

When I was 10yrs old, we (the Independence Samoan community) went to Utah’s flag day to participate in the games and activities. I remember walking around the park (after our group did our dances and songs) to look for my family but I couldn’t find anyone! It was hot and I was getting tired, so I just sat down next to a tree and eventually I fell asleep. I don’t know how long I was sleeping, but I woke up to four boys (around the same age) sitting around me, talking to each other like morning coffee! When I asked them who they were, they were just some kids trying to catch some shade but they saw me sleeping by the tree and wanted to make sure I was ok. They told me I was sleepin for like an hour! lol Come to find out, they were my cousins. At the moment, I didn’t think nothing of it, because I was a little kid. But when I look back to that time, I appreciate the love we have for one another, as a people. For them kids, my cousins, to just park under a tree, next to a sleeping stranger and watch out for me, was an awesome gesture of kindness and love. It’s the little things like that, that make me proud to be Samoan.

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

Music is my passion and Hip-Hop is my muse. I’m a poet at heart and I’ve always had the passion and joy to express myself through words and/or music. I don’t do it on a professional tip, its just something I do for fun and for myself, before others. It’s a blessing though, because my cousin and uso are in the music game and I get to make music with them as well. As of late, my uso Leni is like my partner in rhyme. We’ve been collaborating since 2005 and this past year we’ve made a lot of music together. I’m always down to work with anybody when it comes to music. So if you’re reading this and want to work together, holla at ya boy! Check out my boy Spooks poetry/rap/freestyle/discussion website .. That’s a place for poets, writers, rappers, singers, etc. Come share your talent.

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

At the moment, I’m in the middle of a career change. So the transition phase is a challenge, but a challenge worth the effort. Going back to school and trying a whole new playing field is an adventure that is full of ups and downs, but as long as I get there, I’ll be good.

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

I’d like to thank HGG for the opportunity to do this and for creating an awesome place to meet new people. 1Sa has definitely grown on me since I first joined and now it’s a place I frequent on a daily basis. Sup to all my homies on 1Sa, you know who you are! Its sites like this that can make a bad day, better. Check out my music on my 1sa page. Shout out to my uso Alo Key who just dropped his debut solo album “Music’s Key To Love”! The wait is finally over and the album is amazing! But don’t take my word for it, buy your very own copy at and experience real music! And be on the lookout for Spawnbreezie and The Breeze Camp to come out with some major music in the near future! Much love to everybody and they mama!

HGG Notes about TSB:

* Not many people can fill their entire playlist with cuts that they made. Check out TSB’s OWN music in his faleo’o
* A regular collaborator of his is another world-famous in the ville personality, Leni (Good n Plen’y)
* TSB’s gotta beautiful spiritual side.. that’s according to this post in his village blog
* From what I hear (and I hear a lotta stuff), his loyalty for his friends, his typical Hamo sense of humor and overall good-guy-ness has already won TSB a crowd of fans.

0 thoughts on “This Samoan Boy

  1. TSBBBBBBBB! totaly agree with your comments bout upchat we seen it all bugbhaha im a major fan of this guys music but my fav would be welcome 2 zion with this guy & spawn i accidently came upon it on youtube & was like HEY THIS GUY LOOKS LIKE TSB wadya know it was buaha da maaan keep it up much love

  2. TSB! 🙂

    Honestly ive neber had the pleasue to have chatted wit yah on 1samoana but you noe wat ive seen yah reppin the village 4 a while now & mayun all i gotta say is keep doin wat you doin.. ive herd your sounds up in the jukebox & mayun they be hella mean jamz… Awesome to see yah up in here TSB and rememba:

    Itz alll abowt the MUSIC!

  3. Maaaah maan!!! *daps the uce*

    been see`n this dude around this kinda scene since `01 and he talented as fugg!! Keep dO`n whatchu dO`n Brettski`sz`… nnn` im lovin that one cut i gOt bLast`n in my faleO`O`… lol!!

    nuh`n buh LUHV!!!

  4. *i freshed out* 2nd attempt:

    TSB!! This is the homie right here!
    Ever since I joined 1sa, B has always kept it real! He’s a great laugh (not when he’s imitating me though) and he’s always fun to be around. But when things get serious and you need an honest voice or just the comfort of knowing everything’s ok, B’s your man! He doesn’t beat around the bush and he’s someone I definitely look up to. He’s intelligent, hilarious and down to earth!

    Just not so sure about that the whole partner in rhyme though! Lets be real B… Leni’s rap is wack! hahahahaha joking! ………. nothin’ but love for the music! hahaha!

  5. I dont know who this guy is but just by his picture alone i know i love this dude lollllll…
    I have known Brett for awhile now and its hard to find another SAMOAN brother like this… From his passion for music to his love for his family I vote TSB for president…
    Not as a democrat though .. hahaha sole and obama gave us the stimulus package rememberrrrrrrr hahaha much love uso!

  6. Heeeeeeeey it’s that cool guy TSB! I remember the first time I came across this cool guy in UP…he was on mic with some other guy(s)…hahaha..and they were funny as heck!

  7. awe hey it’s TSB!!! 😀 aweeeee!!!

    Loved the read. Ooh and cannot wait to hear your music as well. oh! heard Alo Key’s music. it is BANGING indeed 😀

  8. TSB!!!! ….

    Heheh.. Just wanted to say .. that it’s people like you that make me PROUD TO BE HAMO HARD!!!

  9. OJG! I went to an event BALL out here in Blackburn called; – Pacifik Flava, spelt the same way too. heheehe, I was really cool, felt special that hole week, cause; – I was attending. hahaaha, hahaaha SHUXS; – that ‘o’ 4 awesum reading COUSIN T! stay blessed ‘n’ all daah best! for future endevours {thumbs} UP!~ | xoxox

  10. das tight!! just figured out how to read the whole thing lol hez definitely one of the realest people i’ve ever encountered for both better and worse eh lol but it’z a quality that i’ve alwayz found most admirable about him both as a person and an artist, all u’ve ever done is you! hard to find people as genuine as he iz…
    “he touches more people then furniture from ikea”- TSB lol das an old line from an old rap of hiz and the reason im kwoting it iz cuz hiz musik and me go further back then the prices at wal mart LOL newayz i dont really know what else to add to this so i guess ill end it here…. and you knowwww im ur number one fan right…?? =) take care…

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