Thursday Mini-Earthquakes

Staff Meeting on Thursday Morning, full of tears.

Samoa is such a small country, that everyone was affected, whether it be an uncle, and aunty, a brother, sister, there was a connection to Aleipata and Manono.

The death toll at this stage is 110.

The team meeting was interupted when the Gov. building started to shake, only for about 5 seconds – the fear of a second Tsunami was still in the air.  And our boss did not want to risk it.

The Building was evacuated.

And Gov. Departments (workers who weren’t already out in the field) were told to stay away from the Building.

S.T.A, moved office to the Information Fale on Beach Road.

We had to start locating our Tourists.

Everybody had a task to do – Calling Accomodation Vendors for Donations to be sent to Aleipata, Collecting Arrival Information and contacting Hotels, A Team was sent to the Airport to assist with Tourists being evacuated, our NBC was continuing the clean up, our Information officers were providing help to Tourists still in the country, relocating and booking Tourists into different accomodations, Visiting the Hospital for Injured and Displaced – it was everywhere.. but everyone knew what they had to do.

We finished work at 2am in the morning, some workers falling asleep at desks.

And we still hadn’t even started.

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