Up until today… I didnt realise that Dreams are categorized into different sections lol (depending on how you dream….) I was looking for answers to the “freakingly weird dreams” I’ve been having throughout the years, and I came across the type of Dream that describes me most…

1. Epic Dreams – also known as Great Dreams of Cosmix Dreams are so huge, compelling and vivd that you cannot ignore them. The details of such dreams remain with you for years, as if you dreamt it the night before. These dreams possess much beauty and contain sybology. When you wake up from such a dream you feel that you have discovered something amazing about yourself or the world.

Since I was a kid, I have had “Motion Picture” styled dreams which made me wonder (at a point in my life) what the hell was wrong with me… lol honestly, the dreams I’ve had are weird, twilight zonish… I explain my dreams to my family & friends and instead of saying “don’t worry about it, its just a dream” they are saying “okayyyyy, what is wrong with you?” lol

e.g When I was 8, that was when I had my first Epic Dream (the earliest dream I can remember). I still remember it vividly like Its a movie… you know how movies have different camera angles…. yeah, my dreams work in that way…

I had a dream that my brothers (11 & 5 at the time) my dad and I were all sitting in the lounge at our old house watching T.V…. all of a sudden the house started shaking like an earthquake… next thing we heard tanks outside and people marching. We stopped watching t.v. and we ran to the window… when we looked outside, there were Massive Black Army Tanks going down the middle of our street, and on each side of the road were soldiers marching, all in black, with black helmets holding rifles… we looked across the street at my friends house, and 2 soldiers marched up to the front door, kicked it in… shot my friend (close up with the camera angle’s) and dragged the parents out and marched them down the road where the tanks were going… as we looked, only Adults were marching down with hands behind their heads, all the children were killed on the spot.

Just as we were settling into a stage of shock, 2 soldiers walked up our driveway towards our house. My dad told us not to panic, or make a noise, he hugged us all told us he loved us & kuli-ed us to hide behind the long couch. We could hear everything from behind the couch… The soldiers busted down the door, and we heard them ask my dad…..

“where are your children?”

I have no children, only I live here….

“you have one more chance, where are your children?”

My children are not here, they have gone out with their mother….

they pushed my dad to the side and shot him in the shoulder… we were still huddling behind the chair fighting back our screams… then I saw from a gap that my dad was crawling to the soldier to push him away from the chair we were hiding behind… dad grabbed his leg, and the soldier shot him again in the head. Dad lay there dead, staring straight at me…The soldier then came towards the Couch and pulled it back…

Thats when I screamed and woke up….

I will never forget this dream, and the many more realistic dreams I’ve had throughout the years. It’s quite weird, as it is soooo realistic, that sometimes, I cant wake myself up… I can’t click out of it.

But the reasons why I’ve been researching about dreams is the dreams I’ve had lately… I’ve had these dreams 4 nights in a row, all different but with the same person. All different storylines but its like a series. The 2nd dream is a follow-up to the first and so on… Pretty weird huh?

My 1st dream –  I was told by my parents not to marry my fiance, but to marry this other guy… bcos I absolutely had to… the other guy was my ex from 6 years ago (lets call him Jay lol). I cried and argued with them, but my parents had spoken… so I had my wedding with Jay. I didn’t love him, but for some reason I just HAD to marry him, it was like I had too to save the world… lol.. thats the urge I felt… I cried thru the ceremony, thru the recep thru everything… as all I could think about was my Fiance… A couple days after the wedding, my parents changed their minds and told me to marry my fiance as planned… I went psycho… lol I said “He’s not going to marry me if he finds out I’ve married someone else?… ” and I then cried throughout the rest of the dream… lol

My 2nd Dream  Jay and I were married… it was about 6 months later… I was in depression. Didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, no more laughing or joking or even smiling… I was dead inside…cut off all connection with the world outside… lived in my house… but this is the weird part… my ex was different. Realistically (back then) he was abusive, verbally & physically… he didn’t care about me & treated me like shyt really… but in my dream, he was the total opposite, he did everything to make me happy, he adored me. Brought me gifts daily, cooked, cleaned, made me things, worked for the both of us,  but still I wasn’t happy, bcos I was in love with someone else. I started thinking to myself… was the world worth saving in the end? lol…

My 3rd Dream A year had passed, I was still depressed, but still… Jay was trying his best to make me happy. I knew this was weird. Realistically, his mother & sister’s hated my guts lol cos I wasnt pretty enough or bcos I was too giving & loving or whatever… they used & abused me & he let them…… In my dream, they were walking up to our house, and I said to Jay “oh great, just what I needed, wicked stepmother n her daughters…” and he said “dont worry about it, things are going to change… ” Once they entered the house Jay told them straight “I don’t ever want to hear you speak to my wife in an ill way… when you set foot in this house, you listen to what she says, or you get out” I was truly shocked… but still, I had no love for him… I still had my fiance in mind & heart.

4th Dream – this dream was last night… We were now old… still married because our vows kept me there. We had no children, we had never been intimate with eachother, as I had never even wanted to step in that direction. My heart was with my fiance… (who was now re-married, as he had waited 10 years for me to return, but out of ma-ness, i didnt) But yet, after 50 years of marriage, Jay was still trying to please me… all he wanted was for me to say I loved him… just once, and all those years of an unpleasant marriage would’ve meant something. He was on his deathbed…i said to him… “thank you for the last 50 years, forgive me for the way I’ve been…” then he passed on. Even my heart was too hardened in my dream to grant him his last wish…

Im not sure what these dreams mean, if you do then let me know please? lol

On a few occasions I’ve had dreams of places I haven’t been to, of people I haven’t seen before etc… and then Im in a place or see a person & I click that thats what I saw in my dream. Thats when my heart starts beatin’ right outta my chest… lol… and I put my head down and get as far away from that spot or person as I can.

Hopefully I am not alone in this subject, as right now I feel as if Im on my own on this lol i’ve already interviewed most of my friends & family and they dont seem to remember any dreams in the morning.

My Dreams will always be great mysteries to me especially, as they are realistic, detailed, heartfelt, compelling damn, just like a thriller lol sometimes I wake up with my heart racing, and Im finding it hard to breathe….

I’ve had so many dreams over the years, and I still remember most of them all the way from my 1st one at 8yrs old… the day the world ended…

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  1. OMFG suga….

    Okay I thought I was the only weirdo in the world with the movie length feature film dreams!!! Some of mine were probably more traumatic than anything that’s ever happened in my real life but like.. for reals, I’ve always wondered what was wrong with me lol..

    It’s comforting to know that it ain’t just me, especially with the people / faces that u dream about and then see!! haha the first time I ever remember doing that I think I was like 7 or 8 too.. I dreamt about this palagi couple that I’d never seen before in my life. The next day, I was in the backseat of our family station wagon.. we were going somewhere.. curious like, I looked out the back window and whatta u mean that same couple from my dream were in the car behind us.

    To this day, none of those incidents (of recognizing ppl from the dreams) have like ever saved a life or made a difference, so I have no idea why they still happen lol…

    And how about I even have the sequence of events dreams lol. nothing quite like your four part series up there, but I know what u mean!

    Okay I wish I was as good at deciphering dreams as I am at dreaming them.. But as soon as I find some kind of enlightenment suga, u will be the first to know!!

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. LMFAO… woohoo, im not crazy afterall…
    (or does this mean that we are crazy together? lmao…)

    I still have the dreams where I see people I’ve never met before, and I end up seeing them later on in the week… Or places….
    I had a dream about a Pub before, and i was drinking there… I moved to CHCH and on my 1 weekend we went to this Pub… it was the same one from my dream… like WTF?…

    Thanks sis, for reassuring me that I am not alone in this… LOL..
    we are uluka’e together… bahahaha
    Sweet, Ima wait for you and ur “Dream Deciphering” talents to kick in!!!

  3. LOL @ places even! Yup!

    I have a thing for houses and buildings, and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a building (the rooms and hallways etc) then I see that same building in a magazine or on TV or even in real life over the next few days / weeks.

    You know what, I think you’re right. We’re just crazy together!!


    Well, I always knew I was crazy. It’s just great to know I’m not alone …


  4. You two are not alone! LOL Mom (along with everyone else I know) thinks I’m weird ‘cept my bro who still thinks I’m cool.

    My dream sequences are weird tho. Part 2 won’t come until maybe months or even years later. I’ve never had ’em happen day after day. So maybe I’m not THAT cool. Haha!

    My only thing is is that I won’t notice everything (from the dream) right away. Like moms place, it took me three years to realize I’ve dreamed of it before. Well, thats because in the dream, I was standing outside on the balcony looking at the scenery.. the sunset, the colors of the sky while the sun was setting, the breeze.. all of it finally happened that day. I don’t know, maybe it was because I finally felt at peace or accomplished something.. but it was a great feeling experiencing it in reality.


  5. bahahaha… Okayyy… should we scrap this blog Angel?.. just incase someone orders straight jackets for us… LOL

    I get dreams like that too, 2nd or 3rd parts wont happen til a few weeks later. The thing that freaks me out is… just before I doze off, Im thinking about my fiance and my new life in Samoa, next thing you know Im dreaming of my ex… but I haven’t thought of him in Years…

    Which makes me wonder… maybe he’s thinking of me? LOL ok thats too weird.
    As for noticing things straight away, I get like that too. Like I dreamt of this place in Sa when I was a teenager, and I dreamt I was with a guy just sitting on the front steps of this faleo’o.
    I went to Sa the first time, and I didn’t click… 6 months later I went to Sa again, and I was sitting on the front steps with my fiance like 5-6am in the morning (dont ask.. lol) and then I finally clicked… I spun around walked back and looked at the house properly… this was the one in my dream… the guy in my dream I couldn’t see his face, but he had the same White Football top on… My heart was racing… I nearly had a heartattack…
    He asked me what was wrong, but I kept it to myself… lmao cos you know we were in the dating stages… LOL didnt wanna blow it… hahahaha

    Its ok, at least we are NOT ALONE… we are all CRAZY TOGETHER… lmao…
    Damn I thought I was Normal…

  6. most of my dreams do come true..its funny how i dreamt that i win lotto only to find out that a lucky winning ticket was brought from my town but i didn’t buy a ticket..they say if you dream, you have to look deep into your life, everyday life, there you find the answer to your dreams, and with the first dream—- maybe in your after life you and your family were killed in the Holocaust in world war 2 when the Natzi were killing kids and everyone, I do believe in dreams, my family called me o Iosefa le faimiti, sometimes i am afraid to dream especially when i dreamt that my teeth are falling out, thats a warning that a person that i know will died..we are not crazy, there is nothing wrong with us..we do have a gift actually:):):):)

  7. it’s a complex thang coz dreams are as unique as we are individuals and whilst i haven’t had a motion picture epic dream like y’alls have, let me just say i don’t discount it either and i hear wot y’all are saying…. who knows, maybe i ain’t got no MPED (motion picture Epic dream) yet coz the script is still being worked on for release.. release i fea i hear you ask.. well, release to my head lol!!!

    but as far as the emotive content or the ‘aftermath’ you describe, i believe i’m in the same neighborhood with y’all… in the sense that i’ve had the odd dream that is so vivid, it’s like, i went to sleep and then slipped into this ‘life’ i dreamt or whatever instances they were. . these snippets of dreams as i call them would have such big screen elements as (and as you described) panoramic and sweeping camera angles, the close ups, the zoom outs, the ‘cut and queue yada yada yada’ script like verve happening hahaha!!! and don’t laugh, yes, it also includes the dramatic and melodramatic musical score (at one stage there was King Kapisi even dayummm)…

    so yeah, those occasional vivid’z would always ‘stick’ to me as i woke up to that day and got goin with wot i had to do, and you couldn’t help rewinding back to wot it was trying to figure out the ‘why’s’ the ‘how’ or the ‘could it be’ and the ‘what if’s’ yada yada yada

    i enjoyed the discussion big upz to y’all




  8. listen to this story of where a dream can lead you.

    When I was young I read treasure Island and I wanted to be a Samoan ever since I seen my first pictures in the movies.

    This is where I am being led to go today in my society. I am promoting a non carbon fueled world where transportation again involves humans being in contact with one another as in transit, biking, or walking.

    I truly believe life lived at the natural pace that Samoans have learned to enjoy it, is the richest treasure we might attain as a species.

    Enjoy today as I will wearing my Oracle’s bud, it always bring out the best in people and lay a pleasant foundation for every meeting.. Please enjoy my stories as I know that story telling is one of your most treasured traditions, too.

    Thanks for accepting me into your peaceful, loving society.

    Do any Samoans live in Vancouver?

  9. Hey suga , nice one …
    I read this last night and it kinda made me think that you needed help understanding whats been put forth in front of you .

    Ok, now before I bark on , the informations are totally upto you to swallow, and this is all based on my own experiences dealing with this sort.

    As a child i was born into the world different. My grandmother knew this, and growing up , I realised this aswell. I was in touch with what some call “6th sense” without knowing why?
    Psychic NO, Crystal ball NO, Fortune Teller NO, I was born with what we call
    “the ability to tap into energies , that not everyone can”

    Based on your dreams you mentioned, I experienced the very same thing. With the fear , of been taken away , and children been slaughtered.

    Now when you sleep, we have the ability to travel. travel is when the spirit/soul can wonder through a time / place/ era/ to someone/s. What you had was , you went into an era where this occured, and it felt so real didnt it? Because you witnessed this, and experienced this in your dream , sometimes we need to realise that it isnt exactly “US” that experiences this, sometimes you are shown this, with your eyes, except not in your body form …
    get me ? maybe not , its alot to swallow… CRAZY ? no your not , if anything i believe you are
    lucky to have such an experience..

    I could go on and on . but I dont know what exactly i could say to help you anymore, however should you have any questions . or need any kind of assurance/clarity with your situation , i can do this for you via email. Polynesian_soldier@hotmail.com

    thanks for the time:)

  10. (If you take your dreams apart and look at each person or thing indivudually, then maybe it’ll make more sense the next time around) But that’s just me – 🙂

    So here we go. My dreams are more of a premonition’, but not as much ne more coz I asked for them to stop.

    About late 90’s around Christmas (end of December) going to New Years – I dreamnt about a lot of people gathering a this person’s house; the house was like a double square, but stacked on top of each other like a child’s building blocks – the bottom square was the garage. The top was a room with a big az window with someone sitting on what looked like a bed but facing left.

    Along the outside (to the left) were stairs leading up to the room, with a lot of people gathered there going to see the person on the bed. Outside was like the garage scene in Grease, but just a couple of cars and no shelves, or tools – but not as big – with another group huddling over the cars.

    It was a clear as day, I was thinking “what da”? I woke up and laid there.

    I kept having the same dream, but a little addition, every night after. *like a merry-go-round scene, then a roller coaster (up and down) feeling.

    I did the same thing, woke up and laid there. But this one night was different, I felt as if there was someone in my room – I was too pala ai to turn on the light or scream, I knew who it was – I mustered up the courage to say his name then got really scared coz it was as if he replied and said yes; I quickly closed my eyes and forced myself to go back to sleep.

    The very next morning, my brother walked in very uneasy and told my that Sean died in a car accident last night. He said his family had a reunion up North (for Christmas) and ended it with a meal in McDonald’s and that he stayed behind to clean up.

    He was going to drive down after to celebrate New Years with his friends here in Auckland, but he fell asleep at the wheel and – well you know what happened next.

    I started having this particular dream two weeks prior to his accident. And I’ll just leave it at that.

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