Who is Johnny Samoa?

Worldwide Samoana‘ is a new section of our homepage where we cast our eyes beyond the ville to check out some of the amazing things other Samoans are doing around the world.

Basically, anyone we sit up and take notice of on TV or in the news or on the great World Wide Web – if they’ve got even a spattering of Samoan flavoring about them – could make this spot. Let’s get started, shall we?

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon our first featured ‘Worldwide Samoan’ but I do remember thinking… OMG, a Samoan who does magic tricks? Never! But it’s true. Johnny Samoa has got like a million videos to prove it and has had over 20,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel to prove that he’s not too bad at it either.

Aside from the fact that he’s Samoan (and not the plastic kind, yay!) with a megawatt smile, what makes this guy so watchable is that he’s funny – he’s got that typical hamo sense of humor tweaked just right for public consumption. Oh, AND he gives away the secrets to all his tricks. Just … gives it ALL away.

Ain’t that just a Samoan thing? All…love everybody, share everything, no doors on our fales, don’t believe in secrets?


It’s got a bunch of fellow ‘magicians’ annoyed that Johnny Samoa would so brazenly peel back the lid on the traditionally enigmatic world of sleight of hand trickery, but watch anyone of his videos and you’ll see that Johnny isn’t bothered.

He’s too busy entertaining a large following of fans and card-trick apprentices.

I don’t even know if Johnny Samoa is his real name, but I love that he wears the ‘Samoa’ monicker with pride, and that this guy is getting known (and therefore helping all Samoa to get known) in a field that is not all that typical for us. Yayyyyy Johnny Samoa!

Subscribe to his new YouTube Channel here. (Cause his first channel got closed).

Add him on FaceBook here.

…and in the spirit of ‘share and share alike’ that Johnny embraces so thoroughly… here’s a clip of his that I stole borrowed from YouTube.



One thought on “Who is Johnny Samoa?

  1. (BHAH)!.. I kindoff new Samoans were GOOD with cards, family trade hahaa, I just didn’t realise, we were that far up in he ladder, and yeah, you’re right magic, that’s something worth the watch.. Thankx for the story shear, I abso loved it.. Cheers Kuz, God Blessed and stay prosper!..
    Noms & The Boys.. (aka) OFFLINE Tribe.. :shy:.. lol,lol…

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