Who is Manda Feleti?

Manda One Samoana

From Tukwila, Washington, Manda Tu’umafua Feleti found her way to the village back in the early days of One Samoana. But what do we really know about everybody’s favorite ‘first-time-mommy’?

How did you find One Samoana?

My sis EM_CEE_TEE sent me a link through my email and told me to check out this new website. Her bold comment [in quotations] “A better version of myspace but for SAMOANS” LOL and that’s where it all started for me LOL.

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

To tell you the truth? i never really witnessed anything in 1samoana because i was M.I.A most of the time lol. buuuuuuuut, my natives on 1samoana are by far the CRAZIEST people I ever witnessed LMAO


What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

‘Siva Samoa’. I never knew anything about samoan dances until i met an aunty who i never met before came over and wanted to teach me how to ‘siva samoa’. she said i have that potential, the posture, the flow and the figure. She looked dead in my eyes and said, this could change everything about you! I’m like HUH?! That time, i didn’t know what the fuck that meant but i had to go with it because my mom had the biggest smile ever, so i started to smile. When ma momma looked at me, she gave me that ‘you better do it or else you gon get it look’! my smile went from happy to being scared as heo LMAO.

But im happy that i got to experience it. It wasn’t about ‘knowing the dance’ it was about feeling it inside. dance with my heart, soul, mind, and body. Everything I got, give it all!! it may sound gay as shit to you, but to me it played an important role in my life. It really did change everything about me. I never been so proud of myself and so proud to be a samoan to know that the one of the many things in the samoan culture can never be forgotten is ‘Siva Samoa’

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

As of right now, my hobby and work ethics are my family now. I’m married to a wonderful beautiful handsome man and we both have a beautiful daughter. but realistically, hobbies are: volleyball and eating a lot LOL / work: stay-at-home being a full time wifey & mommy and at the same time, a care taker for ma momma [employed part-time]. As for passion, i have so many things going on i really don’t know which 1 catches my heart most 🙂 I’m doing so much i don’t get enough time to just sit and hear my heart speak. but real talk, whatever comes my way [it could be anything from big tall wide or small], i make the time and effort to give it my all and that’s where my true PASSION comes out!

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

When i find the quickest way to get rich, i will let everyone know about it LMAO. nah that’s time consuming LOL. All i can say is HTML / CSS codings??!! idk LOL

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

Love is blind, but M A R R I A G E is the Eye-Opener LMAO! believe it when i say this, love is blind until you’re married. That’s all im gonna say for my final thoughts LOL. as for shout-outs, thank you for everything Lord! you’ve shown and givin us everything that we need in life and sometimes what we want. we’re so ignorant and blind lol but yet, you still love us and im thankful. please forgive us on what we do Lord. you even said we are not perfect but we are healed by your stripes. Thank you!!!!

HGG Notes about Manda:

Moms of Polynesia

* Manda was our very first One Love Admin in the village. Yup. Numera tasi!
* Visit Manda’s faleo’o
* She has crazy talent for graphic design especially with themes and skins for pages
* She started the site ‘Moms of Polynesia’ to share stories and advice with fellow mothers. It’s on break at the moment… Manda will keep us posted on that.
* Manda’s responsible for starting some of my favorite discussions in our forums:

0 thoughts on “Who is Manda Feleti?

  1. YESSSSS M.I.A alright now I know more about you Manda woohoooooo pleasssssse let me know when you find the quickest way to get rich LMAOOOOOO ka fia fai kupe se LMAOOOOO

  2. oh yes..i wanna know about getting rich. i need money..and lots of it right now lol
    awe sis, really do miss seeing you in the ville. i still have to send u the vid of me doing “kiss you in the morning” hahaha and thx again for the notes now, everyone wants it and im like uhm, 5 dollars please? lol
    oh and i still LOOOVE corrupt a wish. haha oh wait, im gong to resurrect it RIGHT NOW LMAOOOOOOO

  3. LMAO omg i completely forgot about this til i seen vatau german: samoan screenwriter but yes i will let yall know about the quickest way to get rich LOL we all want that money, not only for us but for our families too!
    lol @ corrupt, oooook that’s still going in Moms Of Polynesia LOL

    thnx ya’ll for the love!
    You’re one and only, M.I.A *winx*


    wanna noe why? i remember this gal being one ov da 1st nativez up in 1samoana to welcome me the day i joined on 1sa & stil dis gurl roxz this site!

    Shes got the meanest discussionz & llooovveee da picz she has of her famz 🙂

    Much love owt 2 MANDA & most def be reppin da OL SKOOLERZ!

  5. Hey it’s the mysterious MANDA! I remember you from Choohoo/Samoa World 😀

    Seki a ou final thoughts…hehehe 🙂

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