These are the words of Wrydah, from her discussion: Scripture This

for thirteen years i suffered in pain and agony
for thirteen years none of the doctors could help me
using up all my time and money, little wealth had i
now all gone to nothingness for again from the pain i cry
searching high and low, no relief finds me
then i heard of a man, who heals, from Galilee
he made the blind see, the cripple walk
healed the sick and made the mute talk
i’ve heard so many stories of how this man healed
but getting to Him, will mean getting thru his people shield
for when He walks, a mobb of people surrounds his being
how am i to get to Him, when His face i’m barely seeing
“If I could just touch the hem of His garment I know that I’ll be saved”
for i know of the power He possessed – the entire land has raved
as i reached out for Him barely touching his clothing thru the crowd
He paused, looked around asking, but i couldn’t hear, the people were too loud
all i knew is that my body felt so alive, so refreshed, so clean
He asked again to his disciplines, “Who was it that touched my clothing?”
“Master, there are many people surrounding you….”
“…Who’s to say who touched who?”
He knew of that touch for it was a touch of faith that drained
He looked around searching so finally i proclaimed
“It was I, Master, I’ve been sick so very long”
“Touching only our garment to heal me, I didn’t think would be wrong.”
He looked at me with eyes of love and compassion that were so true
“Go now, you are healed, for your Faith has healed you.”


… i’ve always found this type of faith to be the strongest … the unwavering type … i hope to have this type of faith one day … but for now? i’m kinda entertaining the “THOMAS” route … LoL

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