With 7 weeks to go…Im nearing the end of the road!

Part 1/7 – Diary of Horny Brown Woman…. LOL

No GUYS… Im not dying or anything…so put your eulogy speeches away, and your Ie Koga’s… LMAO but its close… Im getting married……

When I thought about the past year, and the feelings I’ve had throughout… It was too good to pass up, I just had to BLOG IT!!!

Today, last year is the day when I became someone’s FIANCE… yep, 10/11/07 (samoa dates) my MR proposed to me.. I wont go into details, I’ll save that for your imaginations… hehehe.. I totally forgot! how about I remembered my brother’s birthday on the 10/11 then I realised, “hey… something else happened this day”… lol After playing guessing games with my mate @ work, I finally clicked “OMG today is the day he proposed to me last year….”

Yeah I know… not really an important day compared to weddings, birthdays etc. But the more I thought of it, the more it came to me that this was the day my singlehood life ended…. as far as he knew…. LMAO nah seriously. Its a big step. I then thought of Samoa, and how it came about, and how I came rushing home that day, and blurted it out… Come to think of it… I wasn’t thinking at the time. I sorta just ran into our house in Samoa, went to my Nana and said “Nana, vaai lo’u mama lea ga aumai e Heine… lea ua ma engage” (Nana, look at my ring Heinz gave me, we’re engaged now”)

Yeah… then a phonecall later, my parents found out. I sorta just called them, and said to mum “Hey Mum, guess what… Im engaged? woohoo” not actually thinking about what I was saying… and ahhh I could hear my dad in the background… (yep, snapped on Speakerphone) saying “Oi… ga aluku i Samoa e ave le lo’o makua ae engage mai o?”…… yeah… what happened when I got back is another story… LOL

Anyways… I slept that night thinking… cool Im engaged… now WHAT?.. LOL…

I dont think it kicked in until I came back to NZ… Now 1st up I love my fiance with all my heart, don’t get me wrong on that!… but I didn’t quite think thru what being “engaged” and being a “fiance” was until I got back from Samoa. I didn’t click on what I’d be sacrificing until I had to answer my mates/friends/pals/booty calls lol with a “No, sorry I can’t… Im getting married”

With me, Im one of those free spirits, free to do whatever, whenever, however I want to. So after being ahh, we’ll call it…. “engd” lol Still not used to the “engaged” word… sounds like you’re about to do a SCRUM… I noticed I couldn’t do those things anymore. Its funny, you seem to reduce the amount of risks you take once you are “engd”.

Like a mate of mine was goin’ to Oz for a week of clubbing… the ol’ me would’ve said “hell yeah!!!! what times our flights?” the new me just oogo-ed and said “Im sorry, I can’t make it… but have a safe trip and send me some pic’s”

I’ve noticed the following changes since I have become “engd”

– Im more broke!!! Yep… no money HARD! Im still trying to get used to this phase!!!

– Not going out as much, due to brokeness & plus too much temptation out there LOL

– I’ve been fantasizing about the future more… like wayyy more… kids, house, cars etc

– I’ve had to worry about someone other than myself, and my family… when I pray I pray for extra people… LOL… yes I DO pray sometimes… not often… but I DO do it… dont judge aye?

– Just work & home…Booty Caller chasing me up… soooo, just keeping in doors… changed my mobile number… LMAO…. YES I had one of those ones, need the daily/weekly fix. Im Sexually Active like to the MAX! Im one of those chicks that get turned on by anything….. a word, touching, sounds, seeing something on TV… yep thats me… So Im finding it hard at the moment… as I KNOW I have a guy who I can sleep with whenever I like, BUT he’s miles away from me… So Im trying to take it 1 day @ a time… Like when my booty call texted me, and ahhhh gave me those ikuaiga sentences that ahhh, makes u feel all warm n fuzzy inside… well… I was tempted… YEP I was really really tempted… but said NO… he texted me last week too… and ahhh yeah, was tempted… but said NO as well… Can u believe it???? even my ex booty call couldn’t believe it… bahahaha he thought he had the wrong number… hehehe

The other thing that I know will take me some time getting used to, is sleeping with someone everynight THE SAME SOMEONE EVERY FRIGGIN’ NIGHT. Yeah I know… If I love him I wont mind right? plus why am I complaining? at least I’ll get some everynight… LOL.. which is true.. but its the fact that there will be a guy waking up next to you every morning, seeing your hideous side… and this guy is the guy you love with all your being… and he see’s ur muntified side every morning?.. hahahaha.. ok, this is sounding quite funny now…

Then you have the fact that you will be part of another family… yep.. not just your own immediate family that you grew up with, but now you have another family to cater for… Yeah… still itching to see how that goes… LOL

Gosh… and as the time draws nearer… All I can think about it.. “wow, Im going to be a Mrs…” no more filling forms as Miss or Mz… its makua’i serious now… “Mrs” and now Im losing my surname.. yep my daddy’s surname is going to be wiped off my name… thats makua’i serious too if you think about it… Not that I dislike my new surname… oh now I love it… *looking out for Kilifi* hehehe

And as I draw nearer to the day I sign up “to have to hold, in richness & ofu masaesae-ness yada yada” I think about everything that led me to this day… and I start to wonder if other’s out there are having the same thoughts running through their heads, with these mixed emotions….

One things for sure, I love my Fiance with all my heart…I thank God daily for blessing me with this wonderful, respectful, intelligent, loving, caring, giving, understanding, forgiving, HOT Guy… maybe this being miles apart from eachother is making me GARAZY….. or maybe my hormones are taking over me… hehehe damn hormones…

0 thoughts on “With 7 weeks to go…Im nearing the end of the road!

  1. omgggggg you rock my world!!! hahahahahaha

    can i just crack the fuck up in the net cafe …..

    can’t wait to see u my darlin sis!!! 🙂


  2. awwwwwwwwwww HUGS!!!

    ha-ha DAMN HORMONES! lol its so cute, im excited for you buddy. I can only hope and imagine how beautiful this day is gonna turn out for and your HOT GUY.

    Loved every moment of it. Have a blessed future.

  3. awwwwwwww garry on….lol…love the post up, my thoughts exactly…Lmao!

    Anyways girl, if its meant to be, then its meant to be….

    LmfaoOo at booty call…. Love, cant say i blame you… Hahahaha!

    Hope you and your HOT GUY hava O-SUM day…. And hope you guys hava great future… =]

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