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Reading is my thing. I have been an avid devourer of books and other things-people-write since I could first make sense of scribble on a page, so it’s incredibly exciting for me when seriously gifted writers venture into the ville.

Eehjay caught my eye with his 1 Bar Cypher game, not just because of the effortless skill in his rhymes, but because of how this one little thread coaxed so many undercover poets out of their faleo’os and so much untapped lyricism out of our Natives.

He’s not one for the spotlight, he tells me, but his quiet artistic confidence is infectious, his natural talent for words is magnetic, and the enigmatic vibe he’s got going on, well… it just makes me want to know more.

Name / Location

E.J. , Washington

How did you find One Samoana?

I found 1Sa on google when I was looking for PFS…I was looking for my old poems….and 1Sa popped up.

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village

Still pretty new to this site and I usually stay posted in threads I’m comfortable with, So I haven’t really seen any crazy stuff around. Except for the crazy talent that the folks display…..crazy talent indeed.

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

Being born Samoan is pride in itself. Its part of our genetics to be proud and humble. So I cant really say that a certain incident made me proud because I was proud since birth.


Tell us about your passion / hobby / work

I have a passion for art and anything that pertains to it, music, photography, paint/drawings, dance, literary art, culinary etc……. I get bored with things easily so I tend to switch between the different varieties. Been an avid fan of Hip Hop culture because it incorporates most of that in one.

I play alot of sports, doesnt matter what sport, Im always willing to try it out. But im an allstar in American Football…I play 3 positions….End…Guard…and Tackle….I sit at the End of the bench and Guard the gatorade and Tackle anyone that comes close….hahahahaha….oh yeah grade school humor is still funny to me.

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

I dont really have a personal project. Just the pursuit of elevation in my writings, music, and drawing. And the steady progression of knowledge and wisdom in life. Knowledge is the information obtained in life as where wisdom is the application of such knowledge in LIVING life.

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

Big ups to all Samoans and Poly people across the globe for striving to better themselves. Mad love to all the 1Sa Natives and the Staff and the creator of this site, HGG. And much love to the Poetry Crew and PFS alumni keep dropping those ill scripts, yall motivate me. One Love and Stay blessed.

HGG Notes about EehJay:

* Visiting his faleo’o is like hanging out at Borders. Grab a hot drink and put your feet up… you could spend a whole day in here just reading…
* His writing is so well crafted it’s hard to believe he spends much time doing anything else. The truth is, by day he’s a soldier – a United States Navy Corpsman to be exact. I’m not 100% sure what that is, but it sounds pretty important…
* One of my favourite blog posts so far in the ville: Failed Senses…(True Story) shows off E.J.’s narrative skills… and drinking(?) skills…
* He’s so blessed with talent, of COURSE he does music, too! Check out E.J.’s audio tracks to date.
* Oh, and like all poets (and Samoan guys), Mr. EehJay’s got a way with the ladies for sure 😉 .

0 thoughts on “Wordsmith EehJay

  1. Kama sure is a WORDSMITH!

    Being born Samoan is pride in itself. Its part of our genetics to be proud and humble – Eehjay. Amene to that 🙂

    His ‘writtens’ are so mesmerizing each time I read a piece by him, it is mind job blowing! HA! Yessim…mm`hmm.

  2. good morning read,
    thankx for shearing yourself,
    abso ‘o’ 4 awesum in all the awesumness
    we go through.. (:,
    takecare of yourself aswell and much alofas,
    stay blessed mole tausaga xD…

  3. kalofae @ this…….. yayyyyyyyyyyy e.j. ‘.. i guess you gave in huh?… lol ..well deserved mos’ definitely … u’ve come a long way from the first time i saw U.. so kaea.. hahahaha.. and now? oh em’ gee.. you’ve up’d Ur skills and then some.. of course i’m represent’n PFS !! .. we got a shout out.. * akas *… continue do do ur thang kuz it helps others elevate as well… stay bless’n..!! .. pz & respects..

  4. *give it up for mr.WORDSMITH!!!*..

    nice read eehNjay..sheekz didnt take long for you to pop up on the wall of fame aye..auuu..
    i agree with what HGG said..your gift of word bought out some underground poets..lol@Ms.Tivz *kaea* comment..wouldve liked to have seen you at your kaeaness..hehe..
    *looks at pic*..well..its sumn different..*2thumbsup&bigtoesup*..

  5. Man HGG….I mean Ma’am…

    ….i thought we had a deal…hahahaha…..but naw….im hella honored to be featured…..appreciate the love from all yall……as soon as im back from vacation….i’ll be dropping some pieces……but in the meantime….ima enjoy life…..

    so sad my life right now 😉 …hahahahaha…..

  6. chheaaa Eeh Jay!

    Most def a native worth mentioning here in the village! Has the meanest & talented writing skillz and alwayz a hit here in the village with his blogs!!

    Keep them coming bro! Congratz on the spotlight EJ! 😀

  7. Eehjay is da man! He’s a PFS cat who found his way to 1sa (like the rest of us). I havent been as active as of recent, but whenever i come back, i see the remnants of Eehjay all over da place. Its good to see him gettin shine knowin he prolly didnt care for it. Keep doin you ma ninja and oh yeah…u still doin music? I remember da songs u and ur brother posted in pfs. If so….post up a link. Stay up uce!

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